1) ADJ: v-link ADJ, usu ADJ with n If a place is bursting with people or things, it is full of them.

The place appears to be bursting with women directors.

...a terraced vegetable garden, bursting with produce.

2) ADJ: v-link ADJ with n If you say that someone is bursting with a feeling or quality, you mean that they have a great deal of it.

I was bursting with curiosity.

...a character bursting with energy and vivacity.

3) ADJ: v-link ADJ to-inf If you are bursting to do something, you are very eager to do it. [INFORMAL]

She was bursting to tell everyone...

We'll go there bursting to give it our all.

4) ADJ: v-link ADJ (emphasis) If someone says they are bursting, they are emphasizing that they need to urinate very soon. [INFORMAL]
5) PHRASE (emphasis) If you say that a place is bursting at the seams or full to bursting, you are emphasizing that it is very full indeed.

The camps are said to be bursting at the seams...

The room was full to bursting.

6) See also burst

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